For Providers


Primary Partners continues to attract likeminded independent primary care physicians and specialists who envision a brighter future for America’s healthcare system. And they’re not waiting for answers. They’re creating solutions – today.

You can be among these forward-looking providers who run financially-thriving independent practices while simultaneously delivering deeply personal care…care that translates into more satisfied, more engaged, healthier patients. As a Primary Partners physician, you’ll also see that transparency and honesty go hand-in-hand with success.

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Provider Highlights

  • Improve population health

  • Connect with physician colleagues

  • Share best practices

  • Leverage powerful analytics

  • Avoid burdensome MIPS / Quality Metrics reporting

  • Reduce burnout with our practice transformation resources

  • Earn more revenue

Value-Based Opportunities

The physicians who comprise Primary Partners are leading the transition to value-based care through a range of business models that emphasize quality over quantity and financially reward participating doctors for their adherence to patient outcomes through disciplined, well-defined processes.

Providers can participate in our Accountable Care Organization (ACO), part of CMS’ Medicare Shared Savings program. Our ACO serves physicians’ fee-for-service Medicare patients. Our quality and the actual cost of care for our patients is compared against anticipated quality and costs (set by CMS), and savings are shared through bonus distributions paid directly to our doctors.

Primary Partners also has “value contracts” with major health insurance companies. Similar to our ACO, physicians are rewarded for high quality, coordinated patient care and share in achieved savings relative to agreed-upon benchmarks. Primary Partners is actively expanding its value contract agreements.

Primary Partners’ physicians also make up the PCP and Specialists network for regional, self-insured employer groups. With these arrangements, our doctors provide high quality, coordinated, cost-effective care funded through insurance premiums paid by self-insured groups.

Practice Management Services

As a Primary Partners participating physician, you and your practice will have an entire team of healthcare administration experts working on your behalf. Our high-performing, hardworking staff assist practices with billing and risk coding, including closing HCC gaps. In addition, we provide on-site training and guidance to ensure compliance with best clinical and quality practices, recognition of chronically-ill patients, and mastery of practice management technologies.

Medicare Advantage

Primary Partners has also entered risk-based agreements with select Medicare Advantage plans. By taking on the care for certain Medicare Advantage patients, we waive MIPS requirements for our physician partners. By reducing administrative burden, our group can focus on robust care delivery and improved patient health, while also sharing in savings.

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care, which is becoming increasingly popular with physicians nationwide, underscores Primary Partner’s focus on deeply personal care; engaged, healthier patients; and pricing transparency. The subscription-based model allows patients to access a suite of services, and it reduces administrative concerns for our participating physicians.